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Running Away from Home currently has two ways to be a guest writer: Our monthly Real Life Runaways feature and our weekly travel posts.

The Movement: More Travel Stories, (And Fewer) Travel Lists

Our weekly travel posts focus on true stories about travel. This means we don’t want listicles (top x things to do in wherever-place). We’re looking for great stories about memorable experiences while traveling. Your moment can be humbling, joyous, terrifying, or exciting–or all of those things above! Tell us about what riding a camel for the first time was like, the hilarious taxi driver you had that made your trip better, or how you felt seeing the place where your ancestors lived.

To write a travel story for us, send an email with a quick summary of what you want to write about to thevalorieclark @ gmail.com

Real Life Runaways

This monthly feature is about a time you left home, so tell us whether you literally ran away from home or when you figuratively left home for a new adventure. We value honesty and openness here, so as long as your story is true feel free to tell us everything.

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