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My Hopes for You This Year

Every once in a while, I’ll be bringing back an old post from a previous site. This one was originally published January 1 2015. 

It’s easy to wax nostalgic about the year that’s passed and easier to promise that the year that comes will be bigger and better; to hope that with the first of January comes a clean slate that will allow us to succeed where we once failed, laugh when we once cried, and love who we once didn’t. Grand plans and dreamy promises are easy to take with a glass of champagne but the headache that comes with the morning after the fireworks have faded often shows us that the year has changed but we have not. Once the reality has set in, the best we can do is hope – hope that we try harder to be better and that everyone else does the same.

This year, I hope that your goals are big but your heart is bigger. I hope that you work hard even when it’s hard to work, but that the hard times are few and far between. I hope your hard work yields results and I hope you have the wisdom to know when to stop working.

I hope you fall in love with someone, and that you fall more in love every day. I hope that you finally become your own biggest fan, instead of your own biggest critic. I hope you enthusiastically support yourself the way you would enthusiastically support your best friend. Be your own best friend.

Truly – I hope you take a lot of selfies. I hope you are happy with the way you look more days than you are not. I hope your inbox never becomes overwhelming and that the links in your newsfeed are quality more often than they are click bait. May we all stop falling for click bait.

Dance, sing, write, paint, carve, code, design, build – However you do it, I hope you create. I hope you spend time bringing something new into this world and I hope that you don’t just write and say words, but that you use words. Maybe that’s just my hope for me.

My hope for you is that you fight injustice in any small way that you can. I hope we make our already pretty good world a little bit better in the next year and that we retain the ability to know what’s good and what can get better. May we all realize that under the rainbows of skin color, gender and sex, accents, languages, and every other characteristic or preference that humans create and hold, we are all fundamentally the same. I hope you show everyone the same kind of understanding, appreciation, and love you’d want to receive yourself.

Waiters be generous to your tables, tables tip your waiters generously. May 2015 be the year we stop thinking it’s okay to pay them less than half the minimum wage (and maybe raise the minimum wage too). I hope you always have food on the table and a coat that’s warm. I hope you practice gratitude and show the people in your life that they matter.

I hope that in 365 days, when we’re all sitting around toasting to 2015 and dreaming about 2016, you are happy with what you started today. I hope that somewhere between the goals and the meetings and the successes and the heartbreaks, you found joy. I hope you find yourself proud of what you did and excited about next year.

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