If You Really Knew Me, You’d Know That…

What would I know if I really knew you?

When I meet new people, I like to ask them what their current obsession is. (Mine, right now, is writing. I just want to write all the things all the time and I don’t understand why I have to do other things like shower and eat and pay for stuff.) But I think I might start following it up with this question because damn, that’s a powerful one.

If you really knew me, you would know:

: That I’m terrible at dancing and singing, but I do them both a lot, and mostly unapologetically.

: That I’m cold pretty much all the time, except when I’m burning up hot. I’m constantly devising ways to keep my body temperature somewhere around comfortable.

: That I hate everything pumpkin related ever. I especially hate pumpkin spice lattes and all the pumpkin spice latte flavored things that they’ve spawned. I’m not in the least bit sorry about this.

: That I like any sort of coconut-related thing (coconut water, coconut scented candles and body lotion, coconut bras, the list goes on) but I really don’t like actual coconuts. I hate coconut shavings on things, and I generally don’t like how coconuts taste. I’m told this is bizarre.

: That I have a cat named Jay Catsby (photo above) who I rescued from the street in fall 2014. He is fancy and obnoxious.

: That I love writing, but I’ve done a couple podcast recordings and really enjoyed that format of sharing too. You can check out my episode of Boldly Going, in which I talk to my friend Jason Sowell about writing, the importance of failure, and entrepreneurship. I was also a guest on The Love Cast with my friend Jamal Jivanjee, where we talk about the non-profit life, moving to Paris, and my fight against depression.

: That at any given time I’m probably thinking about how to become a female Sherlock Holmes. I like being logical, I like figuring things out, and I’m into the idea of shooting at a wall because I’m bored.

: That I have long, drawn out conversations with animals. Out loud.

: That when I start to like something, I get obsessed with it. This is how I’ve basically memorized every song on the Hamilton soundtrack, watched all seven Star Wars movies in about four days, and how I launched RAFH in about a month.

: That two poems I wrote in middle school were published. You’d think this would give me more confidence in my writing, but it doesn’t.

So, now that you know a bit more about me — what would I know if I really knew you?

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