Around these parts, we like to question things. We explore, create, fall, and get back up. We talk about hard things and celebrate good things. We laugh about silly things we believed as children and hold onto hope for who we will become. We believe, whole-fucking-heartedly, that everyone is doing the best they can.

(And that sometimes, it’s totally necessary to add in an f-bomb.)

Running Away from Home was born because I wanted to see a different kind of travel and lifestyle blog out there. Top 10 lists of what to see or where to go are great, but what about the reasons someone became a world-traveler in the first place? I wanted to know what was it like for other people to leave home for the first time. I wanted to create a space where we can explore things like what it feels like to leave home for the first time, what makes world-travelers tick, and how travel changes us. I wanted to talk about the things I’m scared of and obsessed with and where to find the best damn falafel in DC (Amsterdam Falafel, for the record).

RAFH was originally going to be a set of personal essays in a memoir format, but I realized I’m not done running away from home yet. Instead, we’re less of a travel blog, and more like an online travelogue, in the old narrative style. So there may be lists and guides occasionally, but you’ll also see stories about the both wonderful and terrifying experiences I’ve had in foreign countries, alongside stories from people who have run away from home and book reviews.

So, are you a world-traveler? Have you ever thought about running away from home? Have you ever done hard things or stood in awe of something amazing? Welcome. 

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